Shay's journey to the practice of yoga began in her early teenage years. She found the practice through injury, but soon realized there was much more to it than just physical movements. After a few years of a dedicated practice, she completed her 200RYT at age 17 with Jimmy Barkan as one of his youngest trainees, and has been teaching ever since.


"When I teach, I feel as though I am home. I tune in as much as possible so that I may be an open channel for creative energy to pass through. It is my intention to hold space for my students to feel and experience the same on their mats; to encourage them to understand themselves in a more peaceful and harmonious way." 


Shay will guide you through a practice that feels crafty and organic, yet challenges you all at the same time.  You can look forward to precise alignment cues, longer holds, truly innovative sequences and great music to accompany the flow. Her classes are attended by a broad spectrum of yogis, from beginners to teachers alike. There is a little something for everyone.


Shay has completed Bea Raydo's 300RYT Teacher Training Program, in addition to many other workshops and teaching intensives to further her knowledge of the practice. She gathers inspiration from anything she can; music, patterns, sounds, people, the world around her but mostly from self - practice. When Shay is not teaching, she is at the beach, soaking up sun rays, cleansing in the ocean's salty feels. Shay is a cat loving, tattooed, yogi-jedi-master on a mission to spread love and light, one breath at a time. 

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